The Procession   (2019)

for Orchestra      2:05 min

The Procession - Live reading by Brooklyn College Orchestra
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The Procession is a short orchestral piece which illustrates an image of people gathering and walking to celebrate an event. Either for the life of a loved one or for a social commemoration, they walk with feeble steps matching each others pace still preserving their own individuality.

The power of many voices combined is a metaphor of the orchestra as well.

The piece was originally composed in 2018 and orchestrated in its final version the following year.


String Quartet in IV Movements   (2019)

Performed by Xanthoria Quartet

I. A (013) Sonata -
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II. Cello Talking on Open (or Almost Open) Strings -
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III. A-trraction and Repulsion -
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IV. Finale -
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This String Quartet appears on the album Brooklyn Composers Collective: String Quartets Vol. I, the first work published by the Brooklyn Composer Collective in collaboration with the Xanthoria Quartet. The full album is available on all major music platform and downloadable on Bandcamp

My Homeland   (2019)

for Accordion, Clarinet in Bb, 4-hands Piano      5:45 min

My Homeland - Live Performance by BC ConTempo Ensemble
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My Homeland is a tribute to my hometown, Pescara, and the beautiful Italian region of Abruzzo. Abruzzo extends its territory from the high mountains of the Appennini to the Adriatic sea, and it lies right in the middle of the Italian peninsula. I made this choice mainly because I was inspired by the instrumentations of the ConTempo ensemble, especially by the presence of the accordion, which is one of the most popular instruments in the Abruzzo's folk music. In this piece, I cited some melodies from Berlioz's Harold en Italie (premiered in 1834), which was written during the composer's visit to the Abruzzo's mountains. Furthermore, I have honored the music of Maestro Antonio Piovano (b.1938) and the poetry of my grandfather Giulio Marino (1920-2014) mentioning Joche lu Vent (The Wind Plays) (1996), a folk tune written in our dialect, and still being performed by many folk Abruzzo's choirs and ensembles. As a talented tenor, my grandfather used to sing this tune at my house, brightening my infancy and our family time.


The Bored Scholar   (2018)

for Flute      3:30 min

The Bored Scholar - Live performance by Nicole Auriti
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The piece features many different flute techniques, and its solo setting wants to express the intimacy and loneliness often experienced by scholars at their own desk. The variations of colors, moods, and gestures show the monotony of a quiet study section that does not want to reveal all its potential usefulness. 

Sonder  (2017)

for Viola      4:45 min

Sonder - Live Performance by Andy Lin
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Sonder is an exploration of the Viola in its totality. While the instrument and its strings are hit, bowed or plucked, the musical themes are reflecting the contrast of different emotions and feelings. Sonder wants to be angriness, love, madness, joy, and more other emotions we cycling explore in our everyday life. 

Ballad of Nostalgia  (2019)

for Guitar      4:30 min

Ballad of Nostalgia - Performed by Tatiana Kurenchakova
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 In this piece, I try to take advantage of the acoustic of this beautiful instrument. Using an uncommon tuning, I attempt to create a resonating effect while keeping the freedom to create longer phrases. 

Performed by Tatiana Kurenchakova, recorded by Alyssa Jackson.


I Was Alone  (2017)

for Soprano and Piano      3:45 min

I Was Alone - Live Performance by Rachel Barkan (soprano) and Xingye Cai
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The lyrics of the song are a combination of two poems that share similar contexts and overlapping themes; Alone (1829) by Edgar Allan Poe, and Ed E' Subito Sera (1930) by Italian novelist and poet Salvatore Quasimodo. The Italian poem occurs on the refrain of the song.