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Marcello Di Russo is an Italian composer based in New York who believes that the forefront of art and creativity finds its sources in the study of the past and its completion in the productivity of the present. 

A music lover since his teenage years, Marcello started studying Music in New York City in 2015; after graduating at LaGuardia CC, he continued his education at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music where he pursues a B.Mus in Composition. 

Some of his works have been performed by Xanthoria Quartet, the Brooklyn College Conservatory Singers, Tatiana Kurenchakova, the Global Peace & Music Foundation String Quartet, the NYC Brooklyn Guitar School, the Brooklyn College ConTempo Ensemble, and he collaborated with (t)here - magazine for the Brooklyn issue of 2019. 

Since 2018 Marcello has been the president and an active member of the Brooklyn Composers Collective with who he has organized concerts and released albums. 

Marcello has been awarded the 2015 American Raising, the 2016 Mark C. Healy Scholarship Fund - Merit, the 2017 John Williams Memorial Award Scholarship, the 2018 John Hope Franklin Prize, the 2018 Noah Creshevsky Award, and the 2019 Olga Kozina Memorial Award. 

Before studying music, Marcello worked as a professional basketball coach in Italy, and continues to coach in the New York City area. One of his achievements was the 2016 Cuny Championship won while he was working as an assistant coach at LaGuardia CC Women’s Basketball team. 

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