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11. Box OutBC Electroacoustic Music
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Nightingale (2020)

by BC Electroacoustic Music


Track 11: Box Out

This piece is a collage of sounds captured in my apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic. All the sounds have been recorded through a microphone placed inside a small cardboard box to underline the separation between us, quarantined at home, and the bewildered outside world. The title itself, which is a technical basketball term that represents the act of positioning yourself between the rim and an opponent to have a higher chance to catch the rebound, emphasizes the sense of separation.

Tell Me I'm Not Art (2017)


A poem from the book

"Swallow: Small Poems like Large Pills"

by Tammy Poe-it Lopez.

Borough Park - (t)here magazine (2018)


Feat. AirlineJay, Leo Amato, Shannon Campbell

24-h project realized for (t)here magazine - Brooklyn. 

Music on Fibonacci (2016)


This project shows how to create a music score based on mathematical and geometrical concepts through Fibonacci's numbers series and the Golden Ratio. Melody, harmony, and rhythm are determined on these concepts. All the notes and chords are defined applying Fibonacci's number series to patterns of notes placed on the relationship between keys and scales. Even rhythm follows these mathematical concepts. Time and intervals of time are based on the Golden Spiral, a geometrical figure formed on golden ratios and Fibonacci's series. Music is purely made from Math.

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